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Rafael Serrano
Founder and CEO

Throughout his formative years, Rafael (Ralph) Serrano, experienced first-hand the detrimental effects of a public-school system that was broken, underfunded and routinely ignored. Not surprisingly, he fell through the cracks, showing disinterest in the system that showed no interest in him or his educational well-being. By the time he was well into his adolescence, Serrano had fallen in with a bad crowd and saw little to no opportunities on the horizon.

Fortunately, as he matured, Mr. Serrano realized the path he was on would get him nowhere. He willed himself into straightening out his life and, self-taught, immersed himself into the real estate sector, voraciously learning all he could.

Today, Rafael (Ralph) Serrano is the founder of Safe Harbor Equity and currently serves as its Managing Director. He is responsible for the strategic oversight of the company’s operations, including its asset acquisition, asset management, capital formation and administration.

Mr. Serrano now has more than two decades of experience in mortgage acquisitions and workouts, real estate development and investing. He has personally overseen the successful execution of hundreds of individual transactions totaling more than half a billion dollars in the residential and commercial real estate sectors, focusing the firm’s efforts primarily in South Florida, but remaining committed to seeking opportunistic deal flow across the continental United States as it arises.

A serial entrepreneur, Rafael (Ralph) Serrano also founded MTU, Inc., a commercial vehicle fleet maintenance and service provider, where he also served as CEO.

Throughout his success, Rafael (Ralph) Serrano was grateful for the educators that showed an interest in him, his wellbeing, and his studies, all factors he considered very material in overcoming adversity and an under-privileged environment during his early years. Later in life he often thought about these educators that unwittingly served as a source of support that both encouraged and inspired him during difficult times.

He then became passionate about remedying the situation.

From that passion, he envisioned the Education Reform Project, a non-profit organization committed to the positive transformation of our nation’s educational system, placing the needs of students and teachers at the forefront of public policy with a goal of effectuating worthwhile systematic change through innovation, creativity and common sense.

Dr. Carlos R. Perez, Ed.D.
Executive Director

Dr. Carlos Perez is a life-long educator dedicated to the success of all students and staff. He has spent over 25 years in the public-school system in New York and most recently here in Florida. Prior to joining the Education Reform Project (EDURP), Dr. Perez served as a Chief Human Resource Officer, and Assistant Superintendent as well as also serving as an Executive Board Member for the New York State Association of School Personnel Administrators. Additionally, Carlos has served as a Middle School Principal and as an Associate High School Principal. He also enjoyed 11 years of teaching.

Carlos received an Associate’s Degree from Suffolk Community College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Long Island University (Post Campus), a Master’s Degree in Physical Education & Sports Science from Hofstra University, New York State Certification as a School District Administrator from Stony Brook University and Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership from Northeastern University.

Dr. Perez has a strong belief that education is the key to breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty in our society.