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We Are The Education Reform Project

The Education Reform Project is committed to enhancing the quality of our nation’s educational framework. A pivotal aspect of our mission involves tackling the critical issue of the teacher shortage that plagues our schools. To address this, we are launching an initiative aimed at boosting teachers’ salaries in a significant manner.  Our proposal involves advocating for a legislative amendment to exempt teachers’ incomes from federal taxation. This policy change is designed to substantially increase the net income of educators, providing immediate financial relief and recognizing their invaluable contribution to society with a more equitable compensation model.

Welcome to Edurp.org

The Education Reform Project is a non-profit organization committed to effectuating reformation of our K-12 education system by changing legislative policies and constantly working around the clock to make our public education system more competitive globally. Several facets of the education system need to be addressed in order to put the required changes into effect.

Our first initiative is to make teacher earnings tax exempt at the federal level. This will create an immediate increase in net salary, ease the financial burden of our teachers and help create an equitable compensation rate for educators across the country. Moreover, this increase in net income for teachers will create a more saturated market increasing the amount of talent that comes into the industry.

With the cost of living outpacing the average teacher’s salary in many states, the time has come to take immediate action to ensure our children’s teachers are focused on better preparing students across the nation academically. We will work to accomplish this mission through political and legislative advocacy, community outreach, candidate endorsement, and most importantly—you. For more information, click on “Our Initiatives” below.

Why do teachers deserve a salary increase?

Standardized public education in the United States continues to woefully underserve teachers and students. Despite any local efforts in bettering the working lives of teachers, they still have more to worry about than their students, of which deserve all the attention and afford possible to allow them to succeed in the future.

Further exacerbating the issue, disadvantaged youths, the students who are most in need of a proper education and access to a school’s resources, spend their formative years relying on a broken and underfunded system. To support teaching as an adaptive and evolving profession, and for an educational system to thrive, there must be an influx of investment and incentives.

While a myriad of other considerations like smaller classrooms, school funding and family engagement all contribute to the cause, if we want our children to excel in their academic pursuits, nothing has been proven to be as singularly important as having a quality, engaged and skilled teacher.

Others are looking elsewhere for a better career path, causing teacher shortages and aggravating the situation.

How can we expect teachers to operate at peak performance when they are forced to contend with compensation that is often less than the basic cost of living?

Teachers hold in many cases, advanced degrees, and often resort to taking on a second job to make ends meet.

Our initiative begins by working to increase teacher salaries.

It is our first goal, but not our only goal.

To find out what you can do to help, click on “Take Action" below.